About us

We are not a classic NGO. Our actions place us on the borderline of media, science, politics and NGO. We act where Polish state do not want or cannot reach. We offer reliable knowledge and professional help.

Our mission is to make Poland a more open and tolerant country, where everybody is treated with respect. We support actions meaning to improve the lives of immigrants and refugees. We know that raising the awareness among Polish people is crucial and that is why we fight to provide for credible information and take care to provide reliable social communication.

Fundacja Polska Gościnność (Polish Hospitality Foundation) was established in 2017. We continue activity we have started in 2012 as a group called Chlebem i solą (With Bread and Salt), which was a grassroots and informal initiative of various specialists. We are trying to raise awareness about immigrants and refugees situation, mainly in Poland and Europe. This is the way in which we try to influence migration politics and fight xenophobia, stereotypes and also ignorance.


Paweł Cywiński – Board chairman

Marysia Złonkiewicz – member of the Board

Michał Borkiewicz – member of the Board


Stołek 2015/Chair 2015 – reward granted by “Gazeta Stołeczna”


“When Polish Internet was flooded with hate directed at people running away from death and suffering to Europe, With Bread and Salt organization rolled up their sleeves and started working. They raised money and contributions (clothes, sleeping bags etc.) and were transporting them to the border zones and camps, where refugees were put. There they were working as volunteers, and spreading normal, human good, that is often lacking in discussions about refugees. Their fire did not burn out – few days ago they went to Berlin with a transport of warm clothes, shoes and sleeping bags for the refugee center operating at the closed Tempelhof airport.

Intercultural Achievement Award 2017  

Intercultural Achievement Award is the most important Austrian reward granted for innovative and effective projects supporting multicultural dialogue on the whole world. In 2017 there were more than 200 submissions. With Bread and Salt initiative received an award in the “Media” category for their project Uchodzcy.info

Pen of Hope 2017 – Amnesty International Award for Paweł Cywiński, CEO of Polish Hospitality Foundation


Paweł Cywiński, basing in particular on the example of Uchodzcy.info, shows that it is possible to create media with very high level of substantive that are at the same time accessible and visually attractive. He tears apart false information about refugee crisis, helps fight the stereotypes and points out the cultural context. Paweł Cywiński comes from the environment that focuses on grassroots media and is very sensible to social topics. He is also a journalist of Magazyn Kontakt and directs the project Post-turysta.pl